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I help organizations grow their impact through better use of technology.

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You already work hard, now let me help you work smarter.

I've been working with nonprofits and education clients for over 10 years, primarily as a web designer. What I find most often when working with my clients is that the website is just one small piece of a larger technology challenge.

In my experience, many nonprofits spend a good amount of their time doing work manually that could be automated because either they just don't know what's possible or they’re so busy doing the work that there’s hardly any time to research alternatives! I hear that!

When I worked at The Onion, I was mystified by the number of spreadsheets our editorial teams were managing for tracking everything from content production to freelance pay. In learning more about their processes, I devised systems that could be integrated into the CMS that would track data automatically, help visualize the production stats, and generate reports dynamically, accessible by users throughout the organization.

You care about what you do, and you are willing to put in the work to make the most impact with what you’ve got. My job is to help you provide even more impact by freeing you from redundant processes and poorly implemented technological solutions.

I have a vast range of tech knowledge from working in the fields of product design, web development, and user experience—and from running a nonprofit of my own. I know how stretched everyone is and that it takes a lot of work—and that you’re willing to put it in!—but working smarter and having your technology work harder for you.. that’s where the magic is.

Fewer phone calls for an already overworked team.

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Do what you do, but better.

I believe in the power of nonprofits to provide local good and meet the pressing needs of the community. You want to provide maximum impact, but something is holding you back and you're just not sure what it is.

You know how when you go on a flight, they always tell you if the masks come down to put on your own mask before helping others? That’s good advice for running a nonprofit too. You can provide an even larger impact when you handle your needs first.

It can be really hard to take a bird's eye view of your organization when you're so busy working to keep it going! My approach is simple: I observe, I learn, I listen, and I analyze. My goal is to help you work more efficiently by looking at your organization holistically through the lenses of user experience and design thinking. I spend time with you to understand how your organization functions, where the pain points might be, and then come up with solutions that are feasible and realistic.

One organization I'm working with wanted to get onto social media to plug their work and gain new partnerships, so they signed up for a Facebook page and asked me for help on the strategy. Unfortunately, finding the time to post regularly on Facebook was a significant challenge for them. The nature of promotion on Facebook requires substantial time and effort be put into individual posts, and frankly, they're busy running programs! I suggested instead they try Instagram. They can post pictures to Instagram of their programs while they're happening and tag potential partners directly to demonstrate their work. They still do social media, but they work in a format that fits the medium and is complementary to their work rather than being additive.

My goal is to give you a practical plan for technology implementation that will help you provide more impact with better tech.

A small team hosts an enormous event.

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Change is possible, and worth it.

Change can be hard! We all have reasons why we keep doing things the way they've always been done. Maybe your members aren't very tech savvy, maybe you've been doing things one way for so long you just don't notice it anymore, or maybe, deep down, change just scares you!

That's why I walk you through the process, provide training to your members, design custom user guides to help you onboard new members, and only implement systems that will actually be useful to your organization and, most importantly, won't add to your workload!

Once everything is in place and everyone is up to speed, you'll find yourself spending less time on those administrative tasks, so you can spend more time doing the work that's really important.

A busy lab simplifies how they organize and present their research.

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