Passion Drives Success

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that… what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

We all want our work to be meaningful, to affect change, to make a difference. My work hasn’t always lived up to that, and I don’t know any creative person whose work always does, but it’s certainly what I strive for. I’ve worked with enough organizations to know that the resources are always limited, there are never enough people on staff, the budget is always too small, and there’s never enough time. I understand your frustrations, and I understand the value of what you do.

We’re in a time of political unrest, no question about it. Our society is leaning heavier on nonprofits to come to our rescue than we ever have. We’re donating more than ever before,

we’re spending our money at companies that are making socially and environmentally conscious decisions, we’re looking to the people who have been on the front lines fighting for civil rights and against injustice for guidance and reassurance.

I know that you’re passionate about your work. You keep pushing despite your limitations because you know that what you do makes a difference. Passion drives success, but it’s never an easy path. What I aim to do for every organization I work with is make your job just a little easier, take something off your plate, make room for you to work on what really matters—the mission you wake up every day for.


I work with nonprofit organizations and university programs who promote social good through their services or outreach programs including but not limited to:

  • Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Women, Minority, LGBTQ, and Immigrant Advocacy
  • Children, Elderly, and Persons with Disabilities Advocacy
  • Poverty and Income Inequality
  • STEM, Literary, Arts, and Humanities
  • Environmental Protection
  • Animal Rights


I also work with privately owned companies and individuals who are socially and environmentally conscious, especially companies that:

  • Use Sustainable Materials
  • Have a Small Carbon Footprint
  • Advocate for Under-Represented Groups
  • Provide Charitable Donations
  • Perform Pro-Bono Work
  • Are Woman and/or Minority Owned

Past Clients

I’ve worked with numerous nonprofit and university clients to help them establish or update their web presence.

  • The Heartland Alliance
  • Illinois Science and Technology Institute
  • Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
  • Vilcek Foundation
  • Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Northwestern University
  • Yale University
  • University of Connecticut

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A Little Bit About Me

Kristi-Lynn Jacovino
Photo Credit: Mona Luan

I’m a designer and developer with a focus on user experience and information design. I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Communication Design, and I’ve been working ever since. I was previously UX Architect at LimeRed Studio, and more recently UX/UI Designer at The Onion. I have been designing and building websites for over 10 years, and I’m always striving to learn more.

When I’m not crafting websites for awesome clients, I’m probably out dancing! I love swing dancing and Lindy Hop so if you ever wanna talk dance, you know where to find me! I even run a nonprofit dance organization in Chicago with a few of my friends, so if you’re in town and looking for a good dance, check out Traffic Jam!

I recently returned from a solo 4-ish month trip that brought me to Canada, the UK (all of it, even Wales), Ireland, and Greece. You can read all about my trip on my travel blog.

I also make a lot of dumb things and take pictures and stuff and post them on my catch-all site. Visit at your own risk, it can get pretty weird. #noshame

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