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01 Overview

The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) is a bipartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization that works across ideological lines to promote social and economic justice for everyone, from traditionally disadvantaged populations to the middle-class.

The CTBA is a lean team of researchers and analysts creating reports about complex government bills and strategies, and they needed a website that positively reflects the work they do and makes it easy for legislators and the media to find their reports without needing to call the office and request them directly.

This site required a significant amount of strategic planning and user interviewing, as well as a solid user experience. They have hundreds of reports in this extensive repository, and their old website didn’t have so much as a search bar.

It was vital that searching, browsing, and filtering reports was easy and intuitive. The most difficult part of organizing this site was narrowing down the topics, categories, and tags that would be the foundation for searching this repository.

We also wanted to put additional resources at the users’ fingertips, so on each report the user can also find other reports related to that topic and resources to provide context and to help users understand the content of the reports.

02 Research

Aside from our extensive conversations with the CTBA internal team, our research for this project included interviewing a number of media members, policy makers, non-profit leaders, funders, and volunteers. We wanted to learn as much as we could about their needs, and we used those interviews to create personas that would enable us to focus on their primary needs for the site.

The primary goals for the organization were to reduce the number of direct requests for reports, improve the donor contribution experience, and attract more volunteers while demonstrating the organization's message and their staff expertise. We used that information to begin mapping out the primary functions of the site, including, most importantly, the organization of their highly sought reports.

CTBA Site Map

CTBA Site Map

CTBA Full Site Map

03 Implementation

The ability to search through their reports was of vital importance. The team was spending too much time pulling reports manually when someone would call in a request. This meant that the reports themselves needed to be properly categorized and tagged, and we wanted to limit the need to search for related reports by including them with individual reports.

We reorganized the website so that the primary function was searching for reports, but also emphasized other important features of their work right on the home page.

04 Results

CTBA Site on desktop and mobile


CTBA Home page
Reports by Topic

Reports by Topic

Reports by Topic page
Single Report

Single Report

Single Report Page

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