I’m on sabbatical! Send me work!

Kinda like a “The King Is Dead. Long Live The King.” thing, but I’m taking a year long sabbatical, and I’m also opening myself up to some occasional freelance work!

As you may well have heard (since no one reads this that I don’t already know), I’m taking a year long sabbatical and traveling the world as a 30th birthday present to myself and in the vein of Sagmeister’s 7 years of work, 1 year off life plan. I’ve been planning it for awhile now, and it seemed like the right time to bite the bullet.

I left my stellar job at The Onion to take this trip, and I’ve got a lot of things I want to work on on my own (random side projects involving svg animations, learning js, learning french, eating bagels, and taking lots of pictures), but I’m also going to be taking on freelance projects here and there, so if you know anyone who might need a freelancer that can do front-end dev, UI design, or UX, send them my way!

If you want to follow me on my travels, I’ll be posting at 30.kristi-lynn.org.

That’s all for now!