Big City Swing

About the Client

Big City Swing is a dance studio in Chicago that specializes in teaching swing dancing and Lindy Hop. The owner, Julee Mertz, has been running the studio for the better part of two decades, and has become a staple of the Chicago Lindy Hop community and has aided in its growth for years.

The Project

Big City Swing needed a new website to better present the type of classes that they provide as well as showcase some of their students and their successes. We worked together to reorganize the site and simplify the content, as well as establishing clear paths for new students to join classes and feel comfortable learning a new skill. We also wanted to make the site flexible enough for Julee to highlight upcoming dances and adapt to changing priorities and goals for the business all while giving the site a more modern feeling to better represent her new studio space!

This website was built with Craft CMS and integrates a calendar feature so that Julee would have a much smoother time setting up the monthly classes and could provide repeating events for her monthly dance. Our goal was to reduce the amount of time she would need to spend editing her website and give her more time to focus on her business and her students!

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