IL Poverty Data Report

About the Client

Heartland Alliance’s Social Impact Research Center collaborates with nonprofits, foundations, and governments to measure and grow their social impact while advancing real-world solutions to poverty.

The Project

Every year, the Social Impact Research Center collects data on seven key factors that paint a picture of the state of poverty in the state of Illinois. This data is widely used to measure progress that individual counties are making towards alleviating poverty.

The group generating this report is a small one, and their team was stretched thin trying to accommodate individual media requests for data, so this online system allowed them to free up people-power in order to provide more robust research and analysis.

Users, mostly members of the media, access the site to download customized data reports regarding Illinois poverty statistics. The structure and organization of the site allow users to download specific reports on a single topic or a single county, as well as comparative reports from one year to the next.

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