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Illo process

Process Analysis

Taking a holistic view of your organization’s processes, from the minor to the major, can help you better understand where you might be able to cut costs and eliminate redundant work.

  • Process Investigation
  • Tech Recommendations
  • Custom Report
  • User Research
  • Process Mapping
Illo website

Website Services

Is your website putting your best foot forward? Often times, your website is the first thing someone will see when they look for your organization! How well does it present your organization’s mission? Is your content well-organized and easy to find or is has it been building up content cruft for the better part of a decade? I can help!

  • Content Organization
  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • Content Management System (CMS) Implementation
  • User Experience
  • Responsive Web Development
Illo computer


If you already have a new system that you’ve researched and are ready to start using, but you want to be sure you’re setting it up right, let me help! I can even train the team on the new system to make sure everyone understands their role.

  • CRM Setup
  • Group Email / Calendar Setup
  • Analytics / Data Collection
  • Project Management Software Setup
  • Data Transferring
  • Custom Training
Illo implementation

Workshops & Training

Have a new system and need to get everyone on board? Let me help with training your staff, setting your entire team up for success! I'm also available for group workshops and speaking engagements on a number of topics including:

  • User experience and website usability
  • Content strategy and website organization
  • How to use your content management system
  • Responsive web design and mobile-first strategies
  • Understanding and acting on your analytics
  • User research and qualitative/quantitative testing
Illo organization

Digital Organization

File management, data cleanup, data storage solutions and more can all be slowing you down! Like a poorly organized filing cabinet, a poorly organized digital life can mean spending more time than necessary searching for the right files.

  • File Management
  • File System Organization
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Intranets
  • Digitizing Physical Files

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